Relaxing Seems to be Exhausting Work

The weather on the Gulf Coast is amazing. Last week’s hurricane issues seem to have brought a calm unlike anything I’ve experience in the hot, humid Florida heat. In fact, right now I’m wearing a sweatshirt as I sit on our balcony and stare at water that looks to be crystal clear 100 feet from the shoreline.

But I’m exhausted. Why? Someone explain this to me. Perhaps it’s because I’m used to going to bed at 10pm every single night, and instead I’ve been sitting up with my mom, chatting or watching movies until about 11. Perhaps it’s the heat, the sun, or the deliciously heavy seafood dishes we’ve been chowing down on.

Instead of taking my mom’s advice of daytime naps, I’m attempting to trick my body into thinking everything is completely normal. I’m getting up only a little later than usual (about 7:30am here at the beach), and going to the gym where I’m spending a little less time, but still kick-starting my day with some light free weights.

Then I sit on the balcony and take in the view.

Honestly, this is the first morning I’ve felt this way. Maybe everything is catching up with me. Maybe my body is just telling me to get to bed earlier. Either way, I’m sitting here having a cup of coffee and hoping the small amount of caffeine will give me the motivation to get ready for another day by the sea!


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