The Case for Allowing Babies to be Babies

A Facebook friend posted this article, and it really hit home with me. Babies should be allowed to explore and learn on their own, at their own pace, in their own way!

It seems that this complete obsession that the Western world (specifically Americans) have with education and learning at younger and younger ages hasn’t really paid off…after all, aren’t American high school stats ranked among some of the worst?

I love the thought of allowing my child creativity and individual thought. This finding in particular really stuck out: “Direct instruction made the children less curious and less likely to discover new information.”

I want my child to realize that he can discover and learn on his own through exploration – he doesn’t constantly need someone to show him how it should be done beforehand.

So when should learning in a professional environment begin? Jeremy and I have talked briefly about pre-school – specifically Montessori-type instruction. But should this begin at 2, as is becoming the norm? Perhaps if preschool allows for creativity, as many Montessori schools tend to do, this will remain on the table. I’ll have to allow my child to explore first before I make a decision.


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