Pregnancy Symptoms – Nosebleeds

Apparently this is a very common symptom during pregnancy. So why have I never heard of it before now??

For the past month or so, my nose has been a bit finicky in the mornings, but two days ago I had more than usual. Luckily I had a checkup that day, and even though she said it was pretty normal, she had me draw some blood to check my platelet count, nonetheless.

But this morning I actually woke up with a full-on nosebleed! It happened again right before lunch – not quite as bad, but enough that I felt it running and had to get to a bathroom to blow my nose and rid myself of all the mess.

What’s going on? Google and many, many baby websites have confirmed that it’s normal – caused from an increase in blood flow and enlarged vessels in the nose. But it sure ain’t fun.

This, I guess, would be my first actual Pregnancy symptom. At 25 weeks, I’m hoping this isn’t the first of many!


6 thoughts on “Pregnancy Symptoms – Nosebleeds”

  1. I hear ya! I used to always get them at work when I was pregnant. I worked in retail so it was quite awkward when I was talking to customers and they would just start flowing lol.
    Isn’t it amazing how our bodies can grow a little human being, I guess we can let it off the hook for needing to let off a nose bleed every so often!
    Good luck with your pregnancy! Swing by my blog if you get the chance.
    Sylvia @

    1. You’re so right! It’s certainly very minor compared with the very complicated things involved with growing this little baby! And at least it’s not happening at work – that must have been terrible for you!

    1. I follow your blog, as well! So glad you haven’t had the nose issues – I’ve found that everyone is certainly different. I didn’t experience so many of the normal symptoms though, that I’m not going to complain too much about this occasional one!

  2. I’m glad other people have this problem!!! When I was pregnant with #1, I started to get stuffy noses from week 4 on…the stuffy nose then turned into a completely shut nose full of little wounds! (I know, TMI) Good news is that once I had the baby, it went 50% back to normal that month, I then started using steriod nasal spray which brought my sniffer to about 90% it’s normal self! yahoo! I am 11 weeks with #2 and am already noticing the bloody stuffy nose again! I have read it’s because the vessels in your nose dialate with all that extra blood in your body (which is double what you have while not pregnant) and are easy to irritate or to scrape causing bleeding! I hope your nose goes back to normal soon, until then, make nose spray your best friend if your DR says it’s fine! if you need to see someone else grow round and gripe about pregnancy symptoms you should come visit us at ….I think I started posting when I was 20 weeks with our first so maybe you can look back at those and see if you’re having the same symptoms! BTW congratulations!

    1. Thanks so much! You’re the only other person that’s mentioned it also happened to them…although my doctor said it was very common! I did the dreaded Google and found out some stuff, as well. Your blog is really cute, by the way!! Just drove through Birmingham yesterday on my way home from the beach!

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