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The Best Lululemon Pants during Pregnancy

I love my Lululemon leggings.

During the winter, you will find me in boots and leggings 9 times out of 10. Now that fall is making its way to Tennessee (slowly), I know I will want to continue to wear what I normally do in the coming months, despite my expanding belly.

Although Lululemon doesn’t do maternity wear (even though they should), they actually have a few styles of pants that work great for pregnancy.

I purchased the Astro a few weeks ago, and have really liked them for around the house and running errands – not to mention actually doing yoga. They fit well, aren’t confining, and have a contoured waist that allows pregnant bellies a chance to breath. They also make the booty area look pretty decent!

Yesterday I went and did a little more shopping at the store and discovered that the Wonder Under leggings will also work well in the next couple of months. Although the waistband comes straight across, it can be folded down to accommodate my stomach. I went up a size, as well, which really helped in terms of comfort.

I’m excited for fall! I think the tight shirt look that many pregnant girls are able to pull off will look even better on me when I have a long cardigan and some boots to balance it out!


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