Anniversary Surprise

I’m just now at a place where I can post this, but I absolutely had to share!

Wednesday before class, I was sitting in a coffee shop and reading. This semester’s class load is brutal, so I try to take any opportunity I can to get ahead.

In walks my husband with a large bouquet of flowers and a bag filled with chocolates! He had brought them all to me as a surprise before class – isn’t he the best ever?

Not only was the chocolate exactly was needed to get me the through the 2.5 hours of British Literature I had ahead of me, but it was from Trader Joe’s, and he had scoured the shelves until he found some without Soy as an ingredient.

Honestly, I couldn’t ask for a more caring husband.

Tonight we’re going on a date to further celebrate the three years we’ve been married – tomorrow if it doesn’t rain, we’re heading to Shakespeare in the Park. I love anniversaries!


2 thoughts on “Anniversary Surprise”

  1. How perfect:) I hope you know I am holding out until I find a guy who I can have a relationship like you and jerms do! cheers to three years!!! and to all the more!!!!!

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