A Diaper Bag for Him

For moms, diaper bags come in absolutely every color and fabric imaginable. They range from the simple and functional, to the giant and cumbersome. Although I’ve only found a few that I’m considering for myself, that doesn’t mean the options aren’t endless.

But where the dads are concerned, Jeremy and I have hardly found anything worthy. Options are certainly limited, and it seems that many dads just borrow the wife’s and deal with a feminine-looking contraption attached to their shoulder for the time it will be needed.

But Nordstrom has something a bit different for guys. Not only that, but Jeremy actually liked it! Although Diaper Dude is a pretty cheesy company name, they actually do a great job with the look and functionality of a man’s diaper bag. Lots of compartments, a changing pad, durable messenger bag style, and masculine colors – what’s not to love?

It’s also about a 5th of the cost of the bag I have my eyes on. But then again…won’t I be using mine 5x as much? So the cost, for me, is justified already!

What do you think? Have any suggestions on diaper bags for fathers?


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