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Fall Veggies From the Farm

The loot I picked up at the farm today!

After a summer of more cucumbers, summer squash, and potatoes than I can ever remember eating, the fall vegetables are finally being harvested on the farm where we have a CSA. Community Supported Agriculture is a great way to get in plenty of vegetables, and a fantastic method of saving money when eating real, quality food. CSAs are available on most farms, from small town mom and pop operations, to larger city farms that supply many local restaurants.

Our farm provides sturdy wooden boxes for carting your harvest home.

Real Food Farms is fairly new to the Nashville CSA scene, and because of this they yield a small crop each season. I’ve really loved all of the zucchini (for making noodles), cucumbers (to dip in sour cream), and even potatoes (for the occasional stuffed baked potato dinner splurge).

But what I have little use for are all the spring lettuces that transfer into the summer months. I don’t know what to do with any of it!! Sure, I find recipes for Swiss Chard and Kale all the time, but when it’s not frozen or pre-washed, my mind draws a blank. Once again, this could be the city girl in me that can’t figure out how to handle farm-fresh veggies. Or it’s simply a matter of laziness, of which I have no excuse.

But Fall is coming! Today, after traveling down the long, bumpy dirt road that led to the farm, I hopped out of my car to discover a barn filled to the brim with all new vegetables. Well, the lettuce and potatoes were still in abundance, but I steered away from those in favor of the new stuff.

Oh how I love Winter Squash!! Spaghetti and Acorn varieties were piled one on top of another, and I quickly filled my arms with them. Not only that, but gone were the plain tomatoes, to be replaced by beautifully ugly Heirloom varieties. And Watermelon! Piles of this large fruit sat waiting to be tasted, but I turned away at the last minute if favor of the Okra. I felt that Baby White could get more use out of the vegetables.

The very cow my yogurt came from.

Lastly I picked up a pint of raw, grass fed yogurt that comes from the farm’s cows. I’ve seen these animals – they are beautiful, not at all like some of the mass-market cows I’ve witnessed. The yogurt they produce is top-notch, as well! Judging from the containers of yogurt I’ve been putting away lately, I’d say that Dairy is something my body likes right now, and I’m excited to continue giving it the very best kind.

Want to know a little more about CSAs? Here’s a video that explains!

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