Baby Fashion

Boys Can Play Dress Up Too

I’ve always loved a costume. In fact, so has Jeremy! We love to dress up for something as simple as a dinner out, love to make-believe at costume parties, and especially love a good, old fashioned Halloween.

As a little girl, I wanted to be in school plays so that I could wear the ballerina tutu, or the Peanuts Lucy blue dress, or perhaps even a simple white sheet if I were portraying an angel. I didn’t just play the piano for the school recital, I stepped on stage in head-to-toe hippie regalia and entertained the crowd to “I’d Like to Teach the World to Sing.”

Jeremy was exactly the same way. I don’t know another guy who recalls with such fond memories his days of playing a Shakespearean Puck during elementary school.

But playing dress-up and being a boy don’t usually go together…unless that costume happens to come with a helmet and a ball. Not so for my son! I will freely encourage him to wear capes for every occasion – including if he decides he likes some particular sport. Masks? Absolutely. Cowboy boots with pajama bottoms? Why not.

My love of princess dresses and tea parties will serve me well. I can wear the dress, and he can be my mad hatter as he pours his mama some tea!

If my son is anything like his parents, his wardrobe will reflect an imagination running rampant.


1 thought on “Boys Can Play Dress Up Too”

  1. He’s going to be an Amazing little boy. How could he not be with parents like both of you! I can’t wait to meet him!!

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