I just finished up my first experience with the Annie Sloan paint. Well, finish up in the sense that I’ve completed the painting step, and will move on to waxing tomorrow.

The paint itself is a breeze. It goes on really well, and while it took about 1.5 coats to cover the medium stained wooden bookcases, I thought it covered it nicely for minimal effort and not much skill.

But now I feel like I could lay on the couch for the rest of the afternoon! Instead I’m brewing some coffee and am going to relax with a book. Robinson Crusoe can’t really be considered fun reading, but it’s at least something that will get me away from the computer monitor for awhile.

Of course, I completely forgot about the shelves in the bookcases. I spotted them after I had put the paint brush away, sitting neatly and stacked together just waiting for my attention. Until that point I was pretty proud that I had completed the color process in about 3 hours. Now I’m out a can of paint and will have to figure out if another color for the shelves will look decent! Fortunately this is for my office, so it only has to look good to me!


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