Redecorating with Chalk Paint

Today I felt the need for a project.

Actually, a felt the need to not spend quite as much money as I have been lately (due to redecorating and what I hesitantly call nesting). So instead I found myself inside a specialty shop, staring at row-upon-row of multi-colored paint samples. It looked so easy – surely I could do this on my own, I thought as I selected the necessary items.

I finally decided on Duck Egg Blue

I am going to begin with some very old, very basic bookshelves that are currently upstairs gathering dust. I’m hopeful that if all goes well, these shelves will soon match the newly purchased table/desk that’s waiting in what will soon be my office.

I’m using Annie Sloan’s chalk paint, which is apparently a miracle in a can. No sanding, no priming – simply begin painting! The shop assistant kept repeating one phrase of advice when I was gathering up supplies with the vigor of a child on her first day of school – “Don’t Overthink It.”

Yes, that will be my problem.

An example of what Annie Sloan can do (perhaps I’ll reach this level of expertise one day)!

Imperfections are encouraged with chalk paint. And I love imperfections in the furniture I buy – anything distressed or old-looking will always get a second glance from me. But when it comes to my own work, I think I’ll need a glass of wine in order to not think too much!

So here’s hoping. Perhaps by tomorrow I will have beautiful, Duck Egg blue bookshelves for my new office!


2 thoughts on “Redecorating with Chalk Paint”

  1. It’s the color I chose! I painted it on a relocated kitchen cabinet and also on an old brass chandelier. Then I found myself walking thru the house saying ‘what else can I paint!’
    It’s awesome paint!

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