Thinking on a Rainy Day

Rainy days are for tea kettles and baggy pajama pants.

A downpour couldn’t have come at a better time. Finishing up with two final papers yesterday has me in a state of brain fog that matches the weather perfectly. One paper was a 15 page research monstrosity and the other a form of creative memoir that reached up to 30 pages once completed. I am happy just to sit, relax, and write out my personal thoughts.

With only two weeks until the next semester of grad school starts, I have to quickly figure out what to do with my spare time. I’ll certainly be reading the Brit Lit books that have already been assigned, but I want to do something productive as well – something creative on the page or around the house.

Right now it’s simply looking around and filling in all the empty spaces in our home. Empty, as in…EMPTY.

A vacant dining room collects dust, the bonus room calls out for my office to be made of it, and the nursery is still stark white (along with the rest of the house). But how to redecorate when there is little money to spend?

Today Jeremy and I will be traveling a short way to look at a bookcase we found on Craigslist. Perhaps that will be the beginning of my new office. A space I can sit in while contemplating the potential of other nooks around the house.


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