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Pirates and Superheroes in my Future – It’s a Boy!

Thursday was a busy day. I kept myself that way until our ultrasound appointment, because I was simply too anxious to sit around the house and wait!

We arrived, sat down, and it didn’t take long to figure out that a little boy would be arriving in December!

What’s hilarious is that Jeremy and I both thought it was a girl. I had a few nursery things picked out for her, and we were even fairly set on a name.

Doesn’t God have an amazingly complex plan? My own got thrown out the window, and I’ve now purchased nursery furniture to match the little one that will be occupying that room. I’m leaning towards a Peter Pan theme.

We also picked out a name! That will remain hush hush for now, however!


6 thoughts on “Pirates and Superheroes in my Future – It’s a Boy!”

  1. Congratulations!!! A exciting! Ryan and I were at Baby Gap the other day and saw the cutest boy clothes. Little sweater vests….just adorable! šŸ™‚

    1. Thanks! I’m actually pretty excited about all the costumes I’m going to have to be creative and put on that child! Girls are so easy…but I want my little boy in capes and disney outfits! haha I haven’t ventured into the baby clothes section of a store yet – I know I’ll be sucked in quickly!!

    1. Thanks! I was so surprised, but am now so very excited! I had a little brother and loved playing with him when I was young – I know it will be the same, if not much better! The only thing I’m trying to figure out is if little boys can watch all the Disney movies, just like little girls can šŸ™‚

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