20 Weeks – 5 Months!

5 months down, about 4 to go! I woke up this morning feeling like a Victoria’s Secret model with a beer belly. Gotta take the good with the bad, I guess! Either way, I have to say that things have been really good so far. I am so blessed to be having a great pregnancy, especially with the hottest month of the year upon us! I can only imagine if I were a few more months along and having to swelter in this Tennessee heat!

Pregnancy Stats:

How Far Along – 20 Weeks

Size of Baby – A Banana! (I don’t understand this one, it seems he’s shrunk from the Mango last week? Like a baby is really the size of a banana, after all.)

Gender – Boy!

Total Weight Gain – 0 Pounds. Starting out at -3 means that I am now back to where I was before pregnancy, according to the doctor.

What I Miss – Margaritas and uninterrupted Sleep. I’ve been tossing and turning every night this week…it may be time for a body pillow.

Cravings – Margaritas? Not sure that’s a craving. I’ve loved my daily allowance of one coffee/tea a day, also.

Symptoms – Restless sleep, Sense of Smell is greatly heightened, Belly button keeps threatening to become an outie, Boobs are finally able to fit fully into my small bras, and I’ve felt the baby move around slightly!

Maternity Clothes – Nothing Yet. Some of my skinny jeans aren’t able to be buttoned anymore, but I’ve just been doing the ponytail holder trick with them.

Worst Part of Pregnancy this Week – Being on the treadmill beside a man who smelled like a combination of hotel bar soap and musty gym socks. I couldn’t do anything about it other than attempt to breathe out my nose!

Best Part of Pregnancy this Week – Celebrating the baby’s gender with my close family and friends!


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