19 Weeks

Pay no attention to the laundry room in the background!

What happened to that bump that had appeared last week? Perhaps the shirt is a bit too loose. Or the fact that my stomach is still growing to twice its size by the time I get into bed in the evenings. Either way, at 19 weeks this photo isn’t doing the baby much justice. This time next week we’ll know what gender the teeny baby actually is!

Prenancy Stats:

How Far Along – 19 Weeks

Size of Baby – A Mango!

Total Weight Gain – No idea. Probably nothing, but I have a doc appointment in 5 days.

What I Miss – Being able to tolerate the heat – it has been abnormally hot in Nashville this past week.

Cravings – While not a craving, I’ve been enjoying yogurt more than my usual breakfast of eggs.

Symptoms – My face has been broken out throughout the pregnancy. In fact, that was one of the things I questioned the doc about before I even knew about the baby. But it seems to be worse this week. Usually just on my chin, it seems the right side of my face now wants to break out, as well.

Maternity Clothes – Not yet. My jeans are still buttoning up until the evening time, and even then they are still capable of zipping, at least!

Worst Part of Pregnancy this Week – Realizing that final exams in the fall might get interrupted by the arrival of Baby White.

Best Part of Pregnancy this Week – Even though my stomach still looks like I have PMS bloat, it’s nice to know I don’t have to suck it all in!


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