Give Me Something Sweet to Eat

Give me the Sugar!

I won’t say that I’ve been craving sweets, because even before pregnancy I would go through spells where I could put Augustus Gloop to shame. I’m not talking sugar only. No, my taste ran to fruit, to honey, to yogurt, and of course, to desserts.

Yesterday started off well enough. But then we went to Trader Joe’s and I saw their Dark Chocolate Sea Salt and Caramel bars, sitting right next to the register. They were asking politely to be consumed – no screaming, just a nice, quiet request. And I accepted. I mean, they were so nice about it!

Decorated with a pirate ship – how could I resist??

The entire day I only ate 2 squares. 2 squares! That’s pretty good. But, I also ate a Grain Free Oatmeal Cookie I made a few days ago, which only consisted of honey in the sweet department (and some Enjoy Life chocolate chips, and dried fruit).

But this morning, as I’m getting ready for church, I ate a peach. And then half of one of those evil cookies. And then an entire bowl of yogurt chock full of fruit, dried fruit, shredded coconut, and a few nuts.

What happened to the red meat girl I had been a month ago? This is going to make Paleo very hard – not to mention preventing myself from blowing up like a balloon!

I’m telling myself I’ll be good the rest of the day. But I can hear that Trader Joe’s chocolate bar whispering behind my back.


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