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The Ultimate Crib Sheet

During my tentative foray into the world of baby, I’ve come across something that just may make our lives a whole lot easier – The Ultimate Crib Sheet!

Actually, it was my Sister-in-Law who steered me towards these sheets. As the mom of twins, she has mastered the art of the quick midnight sheet change, and swears by this particular brand.

Instead of having to change sheets in the middle of the night, taking the time to lift up the mattress, tuck everything in, and make sure the sheets are tightly fitted (which is apparently a must-do), you simply use this sheet instead.

I want to get as many natural, organic products as possible. I know this isn’t a realistic goal in every aspect of the nursery, but where sheets are concerned, there seems to be plenty of options.

Well, not only is this sheet organic, it’s also a mattress pad, super absorbent, and waterproof! AND it’s quick change – how much better can you possibly get? I’m thinking of purchasing 10 of these things right now and just putting them away until December rolls around.

How is it quick change? I wondered the same thing. Apparently the sheet attaches to the crib with elastic straps, and you just unhook them when a change is needed. If you look closely at the photo above, you can see the straps hooked around the crib rails.

Someone mentioned that if you’re short – which I am – it might be a little more difficult to get to the straps in the back. But tucking a sheet in would pose the same problem, so I’m not too worried about that!


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