18 Weeks

Seems like this is the first day or so that the bump has appeared. Oh well, I guess it was bound to happen sooner or later! Do you like the little gnome in the background? My dad got that for me to decorate my garden with – but he’s currently living on the screened-in porch, instead. I think the heat has been bothering him.

Pregnancy Stats:

How Far Along – 18 Weeks

Size of Baby – A Sweet Potato (my favorite food!)

Total Weight Gain – At the last doc visit I was -2 pounds…and that was AFTER all that cruise food!

What I miss – My migraine medication! Last week I had another 2 day headache that simply couldn’t be cured with the pregnancy-safe drugs.

Cravings – None

Symptoms – Belly Button is even shallower, and sleep has been harder. I seem to be turning much more.

Maternity Clothes – Nope

Worst Part of Pregnancy this Week – Everyone I know looks at my belly when they talk to me now! They don’t stare, but I can see their eyes flickering over my stomach in constant assessment of my progress. Not fun for a girl used to having a flat tummy!

Best Part of Pregnancy this Week – Seeing the crib set up in what will soon be the nursery – it’s so beautiful, and I can’t wait to really begin decorating!


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