Fitness, Pregnancy

Trying out PreNatal Yoga

I went to my first PreNatal yoga class earlier today. It was…different. Up until this point, I’ve been used to a very high energy yoga experience, but this class was all about breathing, relaxing, and taking it easy.

But I need a workout!

While I certainly realize the benefits of breath work and relaxation in yoga, I also want to keep in shape during pregnancy. This is actually a really great studio in Nashville that I’ve gone to the in past, so I’m surprised at the introductory level of this particular class. With that said though, I did a quick search online and it appears there’s nothing being offered at other studios in the area that’s any different. In fact, one studio describes its PreNatal class as “An introduction for beginners to Yoga.”

Are there that many women out there who only try yoga for the first time after realizing they’re pregnant? If by doing this they assume they are keeping up with the doctor’s guidelines of working out and staying healthy, I have news for them! An hour of relaxation may have many benefits for your body and the baby, but it certainly won’t do much if you’re downing McFlurrys on the way home, either.

I guess I just needed to vent. It was a very small class (6 women including myself) and 3 of them were very obviously new to fitness of any kind. Not only do I want to be challenged, but it would be so nice to meet some girls with my same interests, going through the same things in life that I am! I am honestly not good friends with a single pregnant person right now, and it would be lovely just to call someone up and ask them questions, knowing they are experiencing the same thing.

Let the yoga shopping begin, I guess!


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