Baby Crib Purchase!

Last night was a very momentous occasion for Jeremy and me – we got home from dinner with his parents and purchased our baby’s crib!

I’ve had my eye on the Jourdan crib from Restoration Hardware for a couple months now, so we finally decided it was time to go ahead and buy. After all, it could take a while to ship, and I want to start decorating the nursery!

We also went ahead and bought the conversion kit so that when the time comes it can be made into a toddler bed. How adorable is this bed?! It reminds me of Goldilocks and The Three Bears for some reason.

We learn the sex of the baby in three weeks…until then I guess I’ll just shop for as many gender-neutral items as possible. I really love the below bedding, but what do you think about that blanket and bumper? Satin Velvet? I can only imagine them being washed once a day…they would both be in tatters after the first month!


4 thoughts on “Baby Crib Purchase!”

    1. Well the velvet bumper will have some satin ties…but that should be ok, right?? haha they will be chewed on but I guess that’s only a little stain 🙂 I just couldn’t say no to the velvet…no matter if it has to be dry cleaned!

  1. We are also thinking about the Jourdan crib from RH. Can you comment on the blue-gray colors that are in the wood grains? Im unable to see this in person before we purchase.

    1. I didn’t see it in person before purchasing either. I really loved everything about it, and knew that I wanted my nursery to have a blue tone to it not matter if we had a boy or girl. The color turned out great, though! It’s pretty dark, and certainly on the gray side of blue. I don’t think it would clash with anything though – it seems pretty neutral!

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