Back from the Mediterranean

As the camera gets unloaded of the over 1200 pictures it held during the last few weeks, more will follow this quick update!

The Positano Coastline

We had an indescribably amazing time on our cruise, leaving from Barcelona and traveling throughout Italy, Greece, and Turkey. The schedule was certainly jam-packed, but we merrily ate and drank our way through each city, slathered in sunblock while attempting to find shade where we could.

We quickly realized that one simply cannot see Rome in a day (or other cities, for that matter), and took note of where we will be returning to in the near future.

What came out at the top of our list? For me, it would have to be Venice, for it’s ethereal decay and romanticism, and the Italian coastal towns of Positano and Sorrento. Picturesque, delicious gelato, and not as touristy as some of the other locales!

For Jeremy, his hands down favorite was Ephesus. Seeing the spots where Paul preached and was imprisoned was quite a spiritual experience, especially after getting the back-story from our tour guide. Also, visiting the house of the Virgin Mary was truly humbling – one could almost sense the presence of a higher being even among the throngs of tourists!


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