13 Weeks!

Do I see a baby bump? I can’t be certain whether it’s the peach-sized baby, or the gluten free pizza I indulged in last night. Either way, a small bump has appeared!

Pregnancy Stats:

How Far Along: 13 Weeks

Size of Baby: Currently the size of a peach (and I’ve eaten a lot of peaches this week!)

Total Weight Gain: Probably none, but I didn’t weigh myself

What I miss: Well I would say pizza, but I caved and had some gluten free Napolitan-inspired pizza with the girls last night!

Cravings: None

Symptoms: Nipples may be turning slightly darker than normal? And my belly button is more shallow!

Maternity Clothes: A few more long, flowy dresses for the trip to Europe

Worst Part of Pregnancy this Week: Reading that immediately after birth my stomach will resemble fluffy marshmallow for days or weeks

Best Part of Pregnancy this Week: Shopping for Lululemon yoga pants that can be worn throughout the entire pregnancy



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