12 Weeks!

Ah, the end of the first trimester. Not that it feels any different, but it’s nice to know that hurdle is over with! Here’s some details…

Pregnancy Stats:

How Far Along: 12 Weeks

Size of Baby: Currently the size of a large Lime (I love the fruit references!)

Total Weight Gain: -3 Pounds (Not sure of my exact weight, but the doc said I’m down 3)

What I Miss: Last night I really missed not eating some grains – specifically Tortilla Chips!

Cravings: Haven’t had any yet

Symptoms: Migraines (although that isn’t really a symptom since I’ve always battled them), Light-headedness, Moodiness

Maternity Clothes: As you can see from the picture, baby White has yet to show up on the outside!

Best Part of Pregnancy this Week: We got better seats for our flight to Europe because Jeremy mentioned I was prego!



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