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Caffeine – Indulging at Nashville’s Barista Parlor

I hear mixed responses to the caffeine/pregnancy debate. Some say not to have it at all – others say a cup of coffee a day is perfectly fine. But come on, how many pregnant women do you see downing chocolate? Chocolate bars, chocolate ice cream…chocolate, chocolate, chocolate! Do they not realize chocolate has as much – if not more – caffeine than coffee?

Organic, Direct Trade, and TASTY!

I’m ask because I’m currently sitting in a coffee shop. One that serves completely artisan drinks and handmade chocolates. YUM!

And guess what? I’m having coffee…as well as some of their Cinnamon Chili Chocolate. Granted, the coffee only has one shot with almond milk, and I ate two squares of the entire bar of chocolate. I’m just not going to deprive myself completely – this place is too good for that!

Barista Parlor’s Logo was tattooed into the floor by a local artist.
Once a warehouse, the outside facade has since been converted to evoke the feel of a shipyard.

Barista Parlor opened up in Nashville about a month ago. Not only is the coffee organic and direct trade, it’s also coffee’s equivalent to couture. The guys behind the counter aren’t going to make you a non-fat, decaf, white chocolate mocha. They are serious about their beans and what goes with them. They certainly have great concoctions, but Starbucks they are NOT.

Everything in the shop is handmade or salvaged, down to the chairs made of old Bourbon barrels. The Baristas wear locally made clothing, such as jeans from Imogene + Willie.

iPhone enhanced art by printmaker Bryce McCloud

Oh, and the art! The back wall is taken up with an enormous piece based on the famous ship The Prussian. Created by local printmaker Bryce McCloud, the “iPhone enhanced” creation was made by taking 4,500 pictures of sea creatures in 12 color combinations. When you take a picture of the piece with your iPhone, the image becomes clear! This coffee shop has really done it right.

And thus I’m here, debating the effects of caffeine. My doc appointment is in 1.5 hours – guess we’ll how fast the heart is beating!


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