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We Booked Our Babymoon!

The resort is booked, the park tickets are purchased – all that’s needed at this point is the airline tickets!

Before the baby announced it’s presence, we had decided to spend New Year’s in Disney World. Well, with an end of December due date, that’s simply not in the cards anymore!

But that isn’t stopping us from having a great time – Disney, here momma comes!

In Mid October, we’ll be heading down to spend a romantic Babymoon in the Happiest Place on Earth. It really is for me – I love Disney and cannot wait to begin the tradition with my child, starting this year! The plan is to take a trip every single year, and we’re beginning when Baby White is still in the womb!

I sound like a Disney fanatic, don’t I? You may be asking, “Why? Why would you spend your last child-free vacation surrounded by children?”

To answer that, I ask – Have you ever seen the Grand Floridian? Have you ever tasted Mickey Waffles, or been to the Magic Kingdom before the crowds arrive? It really is magical to me! Not only are we going during the Food and Wine festival, when there’s international cuisine at every turn in Epcot, but it also happens to be during the Halloween celebration! I’ve never been during either of these festivities.

Jeremy also splurged and got us a fantastic room at Disney’s most luxurious resort – the above mentioned Grand Floridian! To me, it’s the most glorious resort in the world. I love it!

Besides, in less than three weeks we will be heading to the Mediterranean for 14 days of European sun and sightseeing. No more international flights for me, after that! Only 15 days to go before we arrive at our first stop in Barcelona!

As for the Babymoon, the countdown has begun with that, as well. 127 days and counting!


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