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I Look Like I Swallowed a Box of Doughnuts

And I’m not even a big doughnut fan.

But I only seem to look like this on certain days. Like when I’m actually in a bikini at the beach.

Today, nothing. Nada. Literally.

I was at the gym this morning doing a set of squats, when I realized that my stomach was completely and totally flat. What happened to the pregnancy pudge that wanted to announce itself when I was actually showing my stomach in a bathing suit? And why the fluctuation?

I have to admit, it makes me nervous! Shouldn’t I be getting ever-bigger? I guess I’m not complaining – at almost 12 weeks, it’s nice to continue keeping the secret from the world. But I want to make sure everything’s alright!

Luckily, I have a checkup tomorrow. The husband will be in attendance, and hopefully we’ll get to hear a heartbeat! Pray it’s just ONE heartbeat, though – after a few days in the company of twins and their parents, I realize that two equals much more than double the work!


2 thoughts on “I Look Like I Swallowed a Box of Doughnuts”

  1. Urgh, I have twins on the way and I definitely don’t have a flat tummy at almost 9 weeks. I have also not been able to exercise more than walking as I have felt so unwell.. 😦 Ho hum… I am sure it will also equal more than double the joy…! >.<

    1. Oh wow, good luck! I feel your pain about exercising – I used to walk/jog on the treadmill, but now all I seem to do is a measly 3.5 if I’m lucky!

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