Doc Visit – 9.5 Weeks

Yesterday was my first visit to see the doctor while actually KNOWING that I’m pregnant. Even though I didn’t get to see the OB, I was ushered into a room by a very lovely nurse who answered any questions I had – and asked quite a few of her own. My Mother-in-Law accompanied me, since my own mother couldn’t get off work and my husband was coaching a state championship tennis tournament his team had elevated to.

The visit was very routine. Nothing out of the ordinary went on, and they were not able at this stage in my pregnancy to check for a heartbeat (that will be on the next visit in two weeks!). Mainly she just made sure to give me a list of food recommendations and a FAQ sheet, followed by the normal questions. What’s your Family history of this and that? Who’s your emergency contacts? Etc Etc.

Because of the OBGYN that I go to, I actually have the choice of two hospitals when it comes time for delivery. She gave me a pamphlet on those, as well, which I went over with Jeremy last night. It wasn’t a hard decision for us! Nothing really has been at this point…guess we’ll see if that continues when the name games begin.

The one thing that confused me the most was the booklet of information she gave me regarding Screening for Birth Defects. What a huge, life-altering decision to have to make! Obviously there are pros and cons to doing it or passing on it. Do we risk potentially knowing something devastating months in advance? Or do we not screen, potentially setting ourselves up for an enormous heartache on delivery day? It’s something that can’t be decided at this moment – we have two weeks to figure it all out.

If you’re reading this and have gone through that experience, I would love to know your thoughts on this type of screening!


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