Nursery, Pregnancy

First Time Shopping for Baby

Late last week my mom-in-law took me out to lunch, followed by a bit of shopping. This shopping, of course, included a trip to Nashville’s go-to baby boutique.

The Plaid Rabbit is full of everything little, from tiny clothing to beds and gliders. What I loved about the gliders was that they didn’t look like those found in most church nurseries. These actually looked like comfortable chairs, and were available in just about every fabric imaginable. How much fun I’m going to have deciding which to pick!

Apart from the gliders were the baby beds. They had both wood and iron to pick from – only I couldn’t pick! Which is better for the baby? Both had gorgeous options, but I wasn’t sure if teething would be good on metal surfaces. Also, I want to have the greenest products I can get for this little person, and nothing in the store was very eco-friendly. Certainly the mattress will need to be certified green, and the options Plaid Rabbit had left much to be desired in that part.

Even though the store was fun to take a trip into, I think I’m just more of an online shopping kind of girl. I found the most beautiful bed at Restoration Hardware Baby! Honestly, how much more perfect can you get? I’ll take one of everything in this photo, please!

So now it’s just a matter of deciding exactly what I want the nursery to be. I know I want it unique, but also liveable. I think this crib is the first step…and maybe those shelves and baskets, as well!


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