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So Many Questions – Working Out in the First Trimester

Considering I didn’t know I was pregnant until 7 weeks, I have to say that my routine, workout and otherwise, never changed. Because of that, I heeded all the words I’ve heard and read, and kept it up.

The Mayo Clinic advises, ” If you exercised before pregnancy, you can probably continue to work out at the same level while you’re pregnant — as long as you’re feeling comfortable and your health care provider says it’s OK.” (as much as I loathe the book) recommends, “at 8 weeks pregnant, keep in mind that soon you’ll have less oxygen available for exercise, so stop when you become fatigued, and don’t get overheated.”

Ok, so with that knowledge, I feel confident that I can take on the world – as long as I can continue to carry on a normal conversation while doing it. But there are certain things that no one seems to want to explain. It’s as if all of the “authority figures” in the prenatal world assume that I only lifted 3-5 pound weights for everything, and that I will only now be beginning to think about doing yoga. But this isn’t the case. What about ab workouts? What about squats involving 15 pound dumbbells, what about leg presses? And what about advanced yoga that focuses on more than just breathing and relaxation?

No one is giving me much information, and of the select group of people I’ve dropped the pregnancy news on, those people didn’t really workout while pregnant. Who’s a girl to turn to for advice?

I’ll have to keep searching to find out.


1 thought on “So Many Questions – Working Out in the First Trimester”

  1. I’m a big time lifter and I still do all the same exercises I did before I was pregnant. I just do not go over 30 lbs when I lift. I may have to do a small variation of a workout because I’m just not feeling anything. I still do squats, leg press lunges. You just have to make sure that your form is really on point because your balance will really be off. Also do most of the movements slow and controlled with a small hold since you’re doing lighter weights.

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