A Big Pain the the Neck – Migraines

Before I got pregnant, but thought perhaps I was, I got a migraine. I had been told by my doctor that during pregnancy I would not be able to take my trusty Imitrex, so thus the searing pain lasted 36 hours and eventually I had to be whisked off to the emergency room.

Since college I have been getting migraines more and more frequently. I started taking Imitrex 3 or 4 years ago, after another ER visit. I would take half a pill when I felt one coming on, and that would be that (although lately it’s been to the tune of twice a week).

Now that I am – in fact – knocked up, I got another migraine. Actually, this particular migraine began the day I found out. Stress perhaps? Needless to say that once again, I did not take the Imitrex. Yes, I took the muscle relaxers that the Gyno prescribed, along with some Tylenol and other various natural remedies. Alas, nothing seemed to help. 48 hours later, the pain finally abated and I emerged from the dark room – luckily without having to head to the hospital this time around.

Natural Remedies to Migraines

  • Aromatherapy – Peppermint, sandalwood, basil, lavender, eucalyptus, and rosemary essential oils. Massage into the head or put on a warm wet cloth and apply to head
  • Hot and Cold Therapy – Alternate Ice and Heat while laying down, or alternate hot and cold water while in the shower
  • Celery Juice – Rich in coumarins, substances that have a soothing effect on the vascular system of the brain. Eight ounces of celery juice works best as a preventative. Drink it straight or mixed with other uices. It can also soothe a migraine, but is generally slow to do so.
  • Ginger Juice – Can stop a migraine right in its tracks. Try juicing fresh ginger root , apples, and carrots together. Make sure the ginger is as strong as the palate can handle. This remedy is best when used within the first few minutes of the onset of a migraine. (combining celery and ginger juice together could be a pretty potent remedy)
  • B Vitamins – Promotes Nerve Support. This can be found in a whole foods vitamin, as well as in mass quantities in foods such as Liver.
  • Chiropractic and Acupuncture – When the neck is out of alignment, headaches are common.

This is the Exact Location of My Migraines

Luckily from what I’ve read, pregnancy will ease many migraine symptoms due to the fluctuation in hormones. Of course they say there are food triggers that can cause migraines as well, such as Chocolate, Caffeine, MSG, artificial sugars, and some soft cheeses.  But I hadn’t had any of those when this beast struck.

Contrary to what my Gynecologist said, The Emergency room doctors (as well as a Psychiatrist family friend) let me know that Imitrex and certain other migraine medications were fine to take while pregnant. The Psych even went so far as to say that she wouldn’t hesitate to prescribe it to her own pregnant daughter. Both let me know that because of lack of evidence, most Migraine meds are classified as C, which means that its safe, but there’s not really any studies to prove that.

We’ll see what I wind up doing. I don’t want to compromise the health of my baby. But at the same time, stress and pain are not good experiences for the child, either!



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