Then Comes Baby

I’m pregnant.

There – I typed it out. Bold and plain, in big letters so that the truth can be stated in writing. I didn’t even know it was possible – I certainly didn’t expect it.

One trip to the doctor, and she told me that it might be very difficult for me to ever have children. Then I received a call a few days later. My bloodwork had come back and they wanted me to return as soon as possible for more testing and an ultrasound – they were afraid I might have a tumor or some other serious problem.

On my next visit, the ultrasound proved it was something else entirely. “You’re pregnant,” the technician calmly said. “7 weeks and 4 days along.” I burst into tears.

Were those tears made of shock, confusion, or panic? Who can say at this point. Since then the news has settled into my system and reality has hit home. I am going to have a baby. A Christmas baby, if the doctors are to be believed. I’m hopeful the child will show up a little earlier and save itself birthday parties filled with holiday decor.

Curiouser and Curiouser – we’ll see what the next few days bring. I certainly can’t imagine the coming months at this point.


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