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The Complete Organic Pregnancy – a Review

I actually read this book quite some time ago – when I had first took the risk of getting off birth control. Like a good scholar, I recently signed onto Amazon and chose a few pregnancy books to get myself started, having zero clue about anything baby. Have I mentioned that I’ve never even been around children? Nope – I’m completely new at this and need every ounce of advice I can get!

The first book that was delivered to my doorstop was Deidre Dolan and Alexandra Zissu’s The Complete Organic Pregnancy. So that’s where I started. I’m very glad that I began my quest with this book, as it offered so much information that’s only been lightly touched on in books I’ve read since then. Alexandra is also the author of a very informative blog, and I quickly became a subscriber so that I could get information on a regular basis.

The book is organized into three sections which cover pre-conception, pregnancy, and living with your baby. Each section discusses what you need, and what you need to get away from during that particular stage. I found this really helpful, because even if you begin this book and are already pregnant, the authors have given helpful tips on how to choose and integrate the right diet, fitness program, and cleaning products – both for you and your baby.

I loved that they gave you REASONS for doing all the things they suggest, and that they backed it up with sound medical and environmental evidence. So many guides only give the author’s opinion, but this book included things like the importance of water purity, and where to locate your town’s water test levels online.

I got so many ideas  – from the best foods to eat, the type of paint to use when decorating, the cleaning products that I need to use (and the many, many, many that need to be thrown out of my home), and the beauty products I need to amend or say goodbye to for good. It was really eye opening for me, and I’m sure my husband can quote the book because of my nightly recitations to him! He’s a full convert of the organic lifestyle now, and is currently teaching his ecology student’s the Michael Pollan way of life!

Did it inspire fear within me? Well, sure. But learning the truth about something that I had been in the dark about will do that to me! What I loved was that for every piece of advice that was unattainable (such as purchasing an entirely new organic mattress, sofa, and chairs), there was a more realistic, down to earth option (like putting an organic mattress pad on the bed, and checking the furniture for tears so that the chemically-ridden stuffing doesn’t poke out).

How wonderful and refreshing not to be chastised for not being able to afford to live life 100% organically! I would love to make that a reality at some point, but right now I think I’ll focus on the attainable, such as swapping my cleaning products and trashing my plastic shower curtain liner. They rightly say throughout the book that this isn’t an all or nothing kind of lifestyle. Any small change is for the better, and I am personally on an increasingly natural path – even if it’s slow progress at times, it’s progress nonetheless!

Some portions may be a tad bit too much information for some – the list of chemicals and their effects is extensive, and gets repeated often when mentioning different types of household products. But I feel it’s there for reference in the future, when I’m contemplating a purchase and want to know what that 5 syllable ingredient might do to my baby!

Get the book, be informed, and if some parts are too much to take in, bookmark it for a later date! I have no doubts that the information will not only come in handy, but will make for a happy baby, a healthier family, and a cleaner environment.

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2 thoughts on “The Complete Organic Pregnancy – a Review”

  1. 🙂 With my first baby, I worried about not knowing anything…my mom kept telling me that my “instinct” would kick in. I thought she was nutso. But turns out, she was right. 🙂 Make sure and listen to that Mama Instinct!
    I’m visiting from Simple Lives Thursday.

    ~Stacy @ Stacy Makes Cents

    1. Thanks so much! You’re absolutely right – I certainly feel no instincts as of yet! But I’m very hopeful that what everyone says is true, and eventually I will hear that inner voice!

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