Writing for Myself, Not my Imaginary Audience

Lately (as in nonstop for the past 24 hours) I have been obsessed with Kate Morton. Each of her books is so compelling, interweaving intricate settings and plots, with characters that have more depth than many people I know. What I love about her writing is that it seems she truly loves what she does, and in reading interviews of her, that is exactly right.

I also realize that I have to do this myself. When writing, I can’t write with an audience in mind – I have to write with ME in mind. The problem with writing for anyone else is that the words will inevitably not be very effective. It’s only when writing for my own pleasure that I can possibly get something real onto the page.

Cover Art for Kate Morton's The Distant Hours

With that in mind, I’m deciding to start over. After all, even Kate Morton admitted that she has two manuscripts buried in the bottom of a drawer that never made it before she finally published her third attempt. So, there is no shame in creating something new…not necessarily giving up on my first attempt, but at least putting it down before I cut it into so many pieces that there is nothing salvageable left.

So here goes nothing – just me writing for me. I’m excited to see where my own love will take me!


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