Becoming a Worthy Vessel

We long to be fruitful and multiply.

What is profitable (meaning that which is productive, worthwhile, FRUITFUL), is not always comfortable. In fact, I would venture to guess that’s the case for most people. The good works that we do cause us to think of someone besides ourselves – cause a loss of selfishness – a loss of “self.”

I picture the Word when I think of this. The Word that spoke and illustrated to us that before Christ could use the temple for His good works, He had to first rid it of impurities. He overturned everything within sight, flipped it upside down and drove out everything but the good. There wasn’t much left after that.

I am that temple. He is currently cleaning house inside of me – making pure so as to make fruitful.

As this happens I can feel it. I can feel the bad fighting to stay, grasping at my thoughts and causing me to become afraid of the changes – to rethink the good works that Christ has predestined and entrusted me with. Sometimes I even throw a childish fit in my attempt to retain the routines and viewpoints I’ve mistakenly tasked myself with. I’m like a child that can’t give up their security blanket, a kid that doesn’t want to give up their baby tooth even with the knowledge that a more permanent, stronger tooth will take it’s place.

But His strength is made perfect in our weakness. And as He continues to empty me, to mold me, to strengthen me, to ENTRUST me – I know the result will be a Worthy Vessel. A vessel with the potential and capacity to be filled with whatever He deems worthy of the Kingdom.

Receive my adoration. You speak ancient Words over me, and although my limited vocabulary may not understand, I will be obedient nonetheless.


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